Bachok District Council Islamic Tourism City is led by Yang DiPertua, who is aided by Setiuasaha, and several specialized divisions, handling specific tasks:

1. Management Service Department

  • Responsible for all administrative tasks, mailing, filing, staff record keeping, official government business, staff development etc.

2. Treasury Department

  • Responsible for all finance and revenue transactions. This includes annual budgeting, rental of shop lots, facilities, machinery and equipment, procurement, capital assets and other issues related to income and spending

3. Evaluation and Property Management Department

  • Responsible for all tasks related to taxation, from initial assessment, to claims and outstanding balance settlement as well as tax appeal cases, and other problems and complaints related to council tax

4. Licences and Puclic Health Department

  • Responsible for all issues related to development, planning, sanitation and city beautification, waste collection, and business license applications in the district.

5. Development and Engineering Department

  • Responsible for controlling and monitoring development across the district jurisdiction including construction, planning, and housing development projects, and CF approval.

6. Law Department

  • Responsible for the enforcement of relevant laws and regulations, including business license guidelines, as well as seizures for violations, and seized holdings auctions.

7. Information Technology Unit

  • Responsible for planning dan implementing all development of system/application at MDBBPI, mantaining the servers and internal/external networking, monitoring all the system used in MDBBPI can be fully operate to give the best services to customer according to the MDBBPI's mission and vission.