Bachok District Council will provide efficient, expedient and effective service to its customers on the principles of honesty, sincerity, fairness and trust, under the concept of work as ibadah.

A.)  Administration Department

1)    To attend to client’s enquiry within 5 minutes.

2)    To receive client’s write-in complaint within 5 minutes

3)    To receive client’s complaint through phone within 5 minutes.

4) To pick up and respond to phone calls within 10 seconds

5) To attend to walk-in client’s enquiry within 5 minutes

6) To receive each complaint by the client over the counter or through telephone call within 5 minutes

7) To report the complaints to the respective units within 5 minutes

8) To respond to the complaints made through letter/fax/email within 7 working days from the received date.

9) To check on the time period taken to resolve issues.

B.) Treasury Department

1. The waiting time at the payment counter is limited to ten (10) minutes only during peak hours and three (3) minutes during off-peak hours.

2. Payment to the Suppliers and Contractors will be processed and ready within 14 days from the received date of the completed invoices from the respective department.

3. Preparation of the Annual Account Report will be finalized by April the following year.

4. To prepare payment for allowances and claims within 7 days from the claim submission date.

5. To prepare an Annual Budget estimate once every six (6) months, done in June every year.

6. To check the Council Current Rental Collection once a month for monthly budget estimation.

7. To check the Council Rental Arrears Collection once a month.

8. To receive payments and issue official receipt within 2 minutes for each transaction.

9. To register each rental payment/deposit and other related transactions within 3 minutes for each transaction.

10. To prepare the daily Collection Statement once a day.

C.) Evaluation & Asset Management Department

1. All assets will be assessed within 12 months from the date of CFO issuance.

2. All claims for refund/remission rate will be decided within two (2) months.

3. All application for tax assessment exemption will be decided within two (2) months.

4. Change of ownership applications will be decided within two (2) months.

5. Searches and enquiries on tax assessment will be answered within seven (7) days.

6. Applications for correction of mistakes in the evaluation list will be handled within seven (7) days.

7. Rental application for the Council’s properties will be handled within one (1) month.

8. To provide the quit-rent collection status report monthly.

9. To provide the quit-rent outstanding report monthly.

10. To issue E notice twice a year to property owners who fail to settle their arrears.

D.) Planning & Development Section

Building Plan Approval Process

  • Application will be accepted after the draughtsman or the Architect receives approval from the Technical Department; To pay the land tax and quit-rent (if there is any)
  • To submit to the Kelantan State Town and Country Planning Department within two days after the registration.
  • The Town and Country Planning Department then provide their views to Bachok District Council within two weeks.
  • Plan review and site visit will be conducted within 5 days.

Building Plan Approval

  • Application to erect bungalow houses, multi-storeyed buildings, housing and factory projects that are without issues will be approved within twenty one days.

Approval for Changes and Addition of Plan

  • Application for changes or addition to the building plan will be approved within one week, with the condition that there is no amendment to the Plan.

Problematic Applications

  • Applications with problems will be brought to the Planning and Development Committee Meeting for recommendation by the MDB Full Meeting to decide the approval within two months.

The Post-Result Processes

  • Applicants will be informed of the decision within seven days.
  • After the payment has been made, the plan is approved within one to three days.

Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy (CFO)

  • The Building Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy will be approved within one week from the date of Form ‘E’ (Uniform Building By-laws) and the applicant’s certificate will be attached.

Application of problematic CFO

  • Problematic CFO applications will be brought to the Planning and Development Committee Meeting for recommendation by the MDB Full Meeting to decide on granting the approval or otherwise within two months. 

E.) Development & Engineering Section Department

  • To repair minor road damages in the Council area within 7 weeks
  • Application for road digging/gouging in the Council area will be approved in two weeks.
  • Drainage repair will be done in two weeks.
  • All complaints on the damages to the Council premises will have the actions taken in one week.

F.) Licencing and Public Health Section

Application Form

  • Application Form may be obtained at the MDB counter;
  • Client will be briefed and assisted in filling up the form.

Approval Payment

  • For approved applications, payment must be made within 14 days from the received date of the approval letter.

License approval or rejection form

  • applicants’ premises will be checked;
  • Business license with premises – three weeks
  • Hawkers or Temporary License – one week
  • Banners and Buntings – immediately (Mandatory to have Jawi writings along with the Roman alphabet writings)
  • Billboard – three weeks
  • Night Market, seasonal fruit sales and others – (immediately, if the outlet is available)

Application Register

License application will be registered right away except for the following business that has to be registered with: Health Check Certificate (Food & Beverage Business)

  • Recommendation by the District Office
  • Fire Department Certificate
  • Recommendation by the Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Recommendation by the District Public Works Department
  • The Department of Environment

General Information

  • Each Licence is valid from 1 January until 31 December for each year
  • Business License should be renewed on 1 January every year.

G.)  Legal & Enforcement Section

1. To investigate and give feedback on relevant complaints within 10 working days.

2. To take appropriate action immediately on nuisance complaints based on the provisions of the law.

3. To monitor the law enforcements so that it will be implemented efficiently, firmly and with harmony based on the law and Islamic principles.

4. To ensure that all confiscated goods are in good order.

5. To handle the claims for the confiscated goods promptly after the penalties have been paid.

6.To carry out operations as per schedule :

  • To carry out operations against premises with rental outstanding twice a month.
  • To carry out operation of capturing stray animals in no-animal-rearing areas twice a month.
  • To carry out operations at night depending on the criticality of the case being reported once a month.
  • To carry out the hygiene/safety and any nuisance inspection/check according to the schedule twice a month.
  • To inspect the displayed advertisement in the forms of banner, signage/billboard, bunting, lamp poles advertisement and temporary signage according to the schedule, twice a month.
  • To monitor the licencing of earthworks, buildings and others 6 times a month.
  • To issue compounds against various offences every day.

7. Schedules and work flows will be reviewed every 6 months to improve the quality and effectiveness of the operation in order to increase the revenue of Bachok District Council and also the client’s satisfaction.