Question 1

What key services provided by MDB to clients?


You will achieve :

  • Assessment Services
  • Licensing service Payment(business, advertisement)
  • Plan Building Approval / technical comment land / planning permission land
  • Shop and stall rental
  • Contractor registration

Question 2

If I wrong a ratepayer, what privilege which will I achieve from MDB?


You will achieve :

  • Responsibility enlightenment
  • People assignment in PBT around the world including this country.
  • Approval in Government local act 171.
  • Under government assignment part Finance Ministry – country income.

Question 3

What should I do if I cannot afford to pay all of the arrears?


If full payment cannot be made, in some cases, arrangement can be made for instalment payment.

Question 4

Are all Local Authorities in Malaysia under the purview of the Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry?


All Local Authorities fall under the purview of their respective State Governments. The Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry supervises Local Authorities with regard to uniformity of policies and legislation, provides guidance and technical advice, and channels funds allocated by the Federal Government.

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